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Eric Schaumburg

Zero to One Product Designer + Strategist





Savannah, GA


A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Eric.


I live for developing beautiful user experiences which help solve real world problems. I have a background as a technology entrepreneur and founder of a digital marketing agency, which provides me a tremendous amount of foresight and energetic drive that can only be earned through years of complex problem solving and doing whatever it takes to ship products and features on time, with the input of many stakeholders.

With over 16 years of SaaS and FinTech development, B2B sales, product development, and strategic marketing experience, I have led teams globally and worked with top level executives to users across all conceivable verticals, many within the healthcare and financial industries. Uniquely, I spent 5 years building and bringing to market a complex market network/SaaS platform specifically designed to help event organizers and their participants capture engagement analytics, and facilitate an Amazon-like experience for ordering and determining ROO/ROI analytics which the B2B event industry had never seen before. My platform “Eventrio” was acquired at the end of 2019.

I also founded 7pt5 Design+, a digital marketing and app development agency to help other entrepreneurs turn their complex ideas into beautifully concise designs and experiences.

I am a natural leader, a self-motivated, organized creative problem solver, and a philomath with an insatiable curiosity. My intuition and empathy provides me the ability to perceive others’ strengths and preferences which help me collaborate and communicate accordingly. I love a good challenge more than anything, and I am constantly seeking ways to improve efficiencies and better user experiences. I’m a strong communicator and can serve as a perfect liaison between the technical and non-technical audiences.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you bring your big idea to life!


Work Experience

Jan 2018 - Present

Nov 2023 - Feb 2024

Feb 2021 - Sep 2023

Nov 2019 - Apr 2022

Oct 2013 - Nov 2019

Jan 2011 - Oct 2013

Aug 2006 - Dec 2010

Founder, Product Designer, 7pt5 Design+

I created 7pt5 Design+ to help other tech startups turn complex ideas into beautifully concise designs and avoid some of the mistakes I made during my first entrepreneurial endeavor.


     • Helped close over $12.5M in series seed/A financing

     • Designed dashboard & one click API resulting in a $1.2M contract

     • Designed voice AI app resulting in an internal contract for KPMG

     • Marketing and branding for over 1,000 clients

     • Developed GreenH2O water usage dashboard for Dallas hotels

     • Designed app based drivers license renewals for OhioBMV

Chief Technical Officer, SelfTact

Interim CTO for a “smart selfies for networking” app company which utilizes facial recognition and AI to connect users. *(Company did not meet financing objectives).


     • Designed product and strategic roadmap for events functionality

     • Designed database schemas for future scalability

     • Deployed“offline mode” utilizing AWS Rekognition & SQLite

     • Collaborated and managed disparate team of  engineers

     • Conducted market analysis and feasibility studies

     • AWS Reko, SQLite, Flutter, MongoDB, GitHub, Jira,  Figma

Application Developer, UXUI Lavabit

Helped develop and design the Lavabit proxy/VPN (available on Google Play and FDroid marketplaces); assisted with the Magma email product utilizing DIME (Dark Internet Mail Encryption protocol).

     • Designed & implemented Lavabit Proxy application

     • Collaborated strategic enterprise model with founder

     • Enterprise email product led to 100% revenue growth

     • Implemented feedback channels to engage with customers

     • Synced user records for transfer using SQL: (SSIS & ETL)

     • XML, CSS, HTML, Adobe, C#

Sr. Technical Project Manager, Shepard

Team lead on implementing the acquisition of Eventrio (now bluEX), a large scale B2B event marketplace and ordering platform into existing systems over multiple locations. ($300M ARR event services contractor).

     • Cross-functional collaboration between several stakeholders

     • Collaboratively led dedicated team of 11 developers

     • New feature and product development oversight

     • Implemented UX reporting & customer engagement reports

     • Product strategy & design led to a $1M yearly cost savings

     • Agile/SCRUM, SQL, C#, MongoDB, Node.js, React.js

CEO/Founder, Eventrio

After 7 years of collaborating with my clients, I brought the vision to life with the first event-centric SaaS market network “the Amazon of tradeshows and events.” (Acquired in Nov, 2019)

     • Market analysis for the $500B live events industry

     • Product development oversight (6 full time devs)

     • Designed sponsorship marketplace increasing event’s profits by 200%

     • Used ML/AI to create first sponsorship matchmaking tool

     • Transacted $16M in 2017

     • Notable clients: AEM,, NAB, AWS

Sr. Accounts/Project Mgr., ExhibitForce

Exhibitor & exhibit house enterprise software sales engineering.

Notable clients: GE Healthcare, Covidien, L-3, Pfizer.

     • Exceeded sales and project goals every month

     • Worked directly with dev team managing custom SOWs

     • Designed sales rep portals equating to $250k in add'l revenues

     • Won the largest exhibitor contract in company's history

     • Skills: SQL, ASP.NET, Salesforce, Excel

Account Executive - Vice President, TRAQIT Software

First job out of college I met a mentor while working in a deli who hired me as a sales rep for his tradeshow management software company. A cancer diagnosis put me in charge after 3 short years and leading the acquisition.

     • Technical sales engineer for many government F100 clients

     • Oversaw Sarbanes Oxley and Sunshine Act compliance

     • Product strategy planning for complex customizations

     • Segued to a dynamic pricing model increasing ARR by 50%

     • Led acquisition after the recent passing of founder

     • Notable clients: NSA, Pfizer, P&G, NASA, US Army, Boeing

Image Gallery

Product Design & Development Works

For a more in-depth portfolio page, please click here

Eventrio/bluEX event marketplace

Tradeshow and event multi-stakeholder marketplace for exhibitors, organizers, service providers and sponsors with AI/ML for sponsorship merchandising and payments.


Potable water collection from AC condensate technology using bluetooth beacons with light sensor technology to alert users of water collection levels and schedule pickup.

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Lavabit Proxy (VPN)

Designed & developed the Lavabit proxy/VPN in collaboration with the renowned founder Ladar Levinson. Available on the Google Play store and FDroid marketplace.

Rob Miller

founder of Avectra

Eric is an A player who works tirelessly...he is a skilled strategist and a natural at marketing, sales and product development. I’d partner with him again given the chance as he will always carry more than his weight.

Naif Ahmed

founder of Bridgeplex

Eric is exactly the kind of person I love working with: a wearer of many hats that gets things done. He has a knack for assessing the raw, underlying factors behind what drives success, and pairing that strategic thinking with blunt force work ethic. He is meticulous in assessing what needs to get done, what the risks are, what resources are required, what the people involved may perceive, and putting that all together in way that comes together beautifully.

Andrew Naudin

sr project manager, Charter

I was always taken by Eric's commitment to detail and genuine interest in providing solutions for our clients. He has an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving and works diligently to be one step ahead on things. I will say he's one of the most effective, creative people I've ever had the opportunity of working with.


a.k.a; Eric's résumé: the director's cut

Soft skills: enthusiastic, empathetic, team player, self-starter, organized, goes the extra mile, cares about details

Great in: product/project design, development and management, CTO/CPO roles, sales/marketing & team leads, user experience, UX research, strategic marketing, productization, finding market fit, events

Technical skills: Javascript, C++, SQL, HTML/CSS, XML, Flutter, Node.js, MongoDB, app development, digital privacy, pen testing/cyber security,  Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, DevOps

Graphic skills: UXUI, presentation design, logos and branding, color and design theory, Adobe Suite, Figma, Sketch, animtation, HTML/CSS, HTML5

Systems & software skills: Jira, Trello, Github, ERPs, Salesforce, Figma, Sketch, Adobe Suite, Linux, Slack, Teams, PowerBI, Tableau, Hotjar, Lucky Orange, Tailwind, AI, NLP and LLM

Education: graduated from the University of Kansas in 2006 with a degree in English, minor in socio-cultural anthropology. Self taught in tech since developing VB3 programs on AOL. Learned to be an electrician in my spare time. (Self ascribed philomath).

Find Me Online

Publications, Podcasts, Interviews & Select Design Works 

LinkedIn Profile

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Video Portfolio


GitHub Profile


EventTech Podcast

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Business Interviews


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Certifications, Achievements & Groups


• Security+ certified

• Dale Carnegie Sales Training

• Toastmasters Public Speaking

• Certified Trade Show Manager (CTSM) *partial


• DECA State Winner

• Ewing M. Kauffman Young Entrepreneur Award

• State Rugby Champions x3

• Divisional Cycling Championship


• KU Buddhist Meditation Group 

• Mentors In The Lives of Kids (M.I.L.K.)

• Wayside Waifs Animal Rescue

• YMCA Prairie Village, KS


• Arts In Prison Creative Writing Instructor

Fun (Random) Facts

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