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Who is 7pt5 design?

A quick bit about us:
We are a nomadic tech entrepreneur couple and parents to a little Shih-Tzu. We started 7pt5 to help other entrepreneurs apply the years worth of insights we've accumulated (through trial, error & success) to achieve their goals faster. 

Whether your goal is to close a round raise, simplify your messaging, or position yourself ahead of the market - we're your team. We work with a network of over 15k angel investors, 2 full stack development teams, and the best designers.

We could be anywhere in the world - east coast, west coast or even in Europe.

Having founded and exited multiple technology companies, it's the process of bringing complex ideas into beautifully concise visuals and products that get us excited.

We have strong skill-sets in strategic marketing, graphic design, color & design theory, typography, presentations, business & investment structure, software development, and have raised & helped raise well over $5M in series seed financing through our extensive investor network across the globe.

Both of us are creative writing majors as well - even having worked for Conan O'Brien & The Onion in NYC.

We're glad you chose to join us on our adventure!


call or text: 202.630.6256    email:
social: @7pt5design 
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